Major Construction / Development


Project Management

The right Project Management can have an extremely positive effect on your next project, by utilizing years of practical experience in cost saving and quality control, Nationwide Constructions has often been responsible for budget and time savings far greater than the cost of our Project Management services. There are a number of critical elements involved when delivering a truly successful end product for our clients and we have a proven track record of doing just that.

From expert advice and consultant interaction to full turnkey project delivery, let us take the stress out of your next project.

Design & Construct

We see Design & Construct opportunities as an exciting way to help deliver the ultimate solution for clients building needs. Our experience includes the full coordination of consultants, Local Council Authorities, quality contractors and of course the end user. Having a full understanding of each key stakeholders role in the development process has been critical in delivering Total Development Solutions for our clients to date.

Multi Unit Development

Multi-unit development sites are generally a more complex project than residential housing, duplex or triplex development because the local council is required to consider a range of additional factors. Knowing how to navigate these additional requirements is key to optimising returns on these projects and over the past ten years we have successfully delivered a number of these sites with successful outcomes.

These Projects have potential for solid returns however it is prudent to carry out a comprehensive feasibility study of the development in order to be confident of a successful outcome.

What plans might work well for a Multi-Unit Development?

The right plans for your block will obviously depend on the size and shape of the available space, however we can also assist with the initial planning and design to ensure you maximise the serviceable areas.  

How much will it cost?

You want to make money. That’s the bottom line. It’s a simple enough equation; find the best builder at a competitive price. That means quality, experience, meeting time frames and providing a value for money, fixed-price contract.

We can help with your sums to ensure viability and with single storey units starting from $169,000 we know you will be impressed with the options we can provide to you.

Development Opportunities

Detached Housing – If you have a large block with the right zoning, retaining your current home and building a house behind it is a great investment opportunity.

Duplex – Cash in on your block size and build two low maintenance dwellings. There are a number of layout options to choose from and we can ensure you get the layout right through years of experience doing just that .

Triplex – Many suburbs in QLD now allow you to build three houses on one site. Choose from a standard plan or individually design your own with our in-house design team.

Multi Unit Site – Maximise the full potential of your block with a multi-unit development. Let us help maximise your profit by utilising our experience and track record in delivering quality townhouse projects.